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Dove Family Dentistry in Puyallup, WA

Puyallup, WA is located near Mount Rainier, 10 miles southeast of Tacoma and 35 miles south of Seattle. The name Puyallup means “the generous people” and comes from the Puyallup Tribe, who originally inhabited the Puyallup Valley. The first European-American settlers arrived in 1853 as part of the wagon train crossing the Cascade Range.

Ezra Meeker first platted the townsite in 1877, and it grew quickly throughout the following decade. Meeker had a hop farm, which brought in millions of dollars to the fledgling town. He eventually served as the first mayor. With the 20th century came the growth of Tacoma nearby and rail lines between cities.

Local farmers developed the Western Washington Fairgrounds to exhibit their livestock and crops. During WWII, part of the fairgrounds was converted into part of the Camp Harmony internment camp for Japanese-Americans before they were relocated to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Dove Family Dentistry and Puyallup, WA

Our practice is located a block south of South Hill Mall in Puyallup. We love helping the people of Puyallup maintain healthy teeth and gums and achieve their smile goals, whether they need sealants for their child’s teeth, restoration for an implant, or a full smile makeover. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in a loving and caring environment.

We pursue excellence in every aspect of the care we provide our patients and we are here to meet your dental needs with a servant’s heart. At Dove Family Dentistry, we strive to make our office as efficient and convenient as possible. Included in these web pages is information about Dove Family Dentistry’s office, including our location, maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling.

Make sure to put your teeth to good use visiting local restaurants like Charlie’s Restaurant and Lounge, located just three miles north of us. They serve delicious down-home cooking made from scratch, like Grandma’s Pot Roast, and the Lounge is a great place to enjoy the local social atmosphere over drinks. Places like Charlie’s are part of what makes Pullayup such a great place to practice dentistry.

Enjoy the Washington State Fair

Formerly called the Pullayup Fair, the Washington State Fair is the largest attraction held annually in the state, with attendance up over a million people since the ‘80s, and it’s been going since 1900. 2020 was the first year the fair was canceled since World War II, but it’s back!

What does the Washington State Fair have to offer? Enjoy the rides over in SillyVille and ThrillVille, from the Century Wheel to the Vertigo machine to the SillyVille Train. There’s also a rodeo, all kinds of great food, concerts by famous performers, a petting zoo, and so much more.

The whole family will have a blast at the fair in September, but there’s also the Spring Fair in April! It only lasts four days, but it’ll tide you over until the main event returns. Just don’t eat so much cotton candy that you have to come back before your regular dental appointment!