Sumner, Washington

All about Sumner, Washington

In 1853, the Kincaid wagon train daringly crossed over the Cascade Mountains through Naches Pass. William Kincaid and his seven children passed south of Sumner, Washington in October of that year. A year later, they built a home on a 160-acre plot at the Puyallup River and Stuck Creek, now known as White River. 

The village was first called Stuck Junction and later Franklin. The Postal Department requested a new name because too many towns were already Franklin, and delivering mail became confusing. As the story goes, three townsmen could not agree, so each placed their choice on a slip of paper and put it into a hat. A boy was called over to pick a name out, and “Sumner” (after the abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner) was chosen. Sumner was incorporated in 1891.

The early industry in Sumner was logging and agriculture with an impressive hops industry that sadly was wiped out almost overnight from blight in the soil. Farmers scrambled to find new crops, which led to what Sumner is still known for today; berries, daffodils, and Rhubarb. Fun fact, Sumner is the Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World.

Sitting in the shadow of the iconic Mt. Rainier, today’s Sumner, Washington is often overlooked. Sumner is pure small-town America, where the high school band still marches down Main Street. Family and friends gather together at festivals, and antique shop owners know your name. 

History has somehow not touched this town. If you’re visiting the Pacific Northwest, slow down and indulge in a nostalgic piece of warm rhubarb pie and locally roasted coffee. 


Dove Family Dentistry near Sumner, Washington

Dove Family Dentistry near Sumner, Washington, provides the highest quality dental care in a loving and caring environment. We pursue excellence in all aspects of patient care and are here to meet all your dental needs.

Whether you come in for teeth cleaning or are interested in more extensive work, like dental implants, we equip patients with all facts. We want our patients to become active participants and make informed decisions regarding the care they receive.


Secret Garden Tea Room & Gift and Dove Family Dentistry

The Secret Garden Tea Room and Gift Shop is located in a beautiful Victorian Mansion in Sumner and under a seven-mile drive from Dove Family Dentistry. 

Don’t miss the charm of this meticulously quaint architecture, with a dash of British ambiance and magical charm. You are sure to cherish your memories of the elegant High Tea experience. 

The menu is prepared in-house with “from scratch” recipes and fresh herbs straight from the kitchen garden. Have your choice of mini tea sandwiches, warm scones with lemon curd, and picture-perfect sweets; all served with house-blended loose leaf teas on traditional tiered platters. 

So, don a frilly frock and hat and reserve your next High Tea-time at The Secret Garden Tea Room. It’s a jolly good way to celebrate, share a meal with friends, and a welcoming respite from the hectic pace of modern life.